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Guided Tours

Tours are offered for groups of five or more, overseen by The Foundation and led by Players with extensive docent training.
The 60-minute tour includes the room in which actors met secretly in 1913 to form the labor union Actors' Equity Association; the pool table where Mark Twain and his fellows played; displays of stage props and costumes dating to the 18th century; and an extensive, museum quality art collection. Edwin Booth’s bedroom suite offers visitors an extraordinary view of our founder's life as the most acclaimed American actor of his day. 

The tour also includes the Hampden-Booth Theatre Library, part of a vital collection of books, periodicals, and other artifacts of American and British theatre history across four centuries. 
Tours are moderately priced, with allowances for students and seniors. Tours may also be tailored to special interests, such as art and architecture, history of New York, American theatre history, and other subjects.

Artwork at The Players: 50 Selected Essays

Since 2017, Chair of The Players Art Committee Michael Gerbino has sent out a monthly email blast to members of the Club that selects outstanding pieces from the collection. Gerbino researches the history of the people featured in each work as well as the artists involved, most of whom were considered outstanding portraitists of their time. He also finds deep connections between these people and The Players; many were Players themselves, or worked closely with prominent members.

In 2021 the first fifty essays were revisited and gathered into a book, which is available for purchase now.

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